Review of UniFlame Slate & Marble Firepit with Copper Accents

More and more homes yearn for additions that not only make the property and house more valuable but also increase the livability of the home, so that owners can enjoy it to the best of its ability but also guests can feel comfortable, perhaps more comfortable than they would be in their own homes.

This can be done with BBQs, Pools, big open yards, but the addition of an outdoor fireplace adds more than either of these can. The warmth and heat of a fire offers a greater sense of comfort whilst also appealing to our human lust for danger.

The UniFlame Slate & Marble Firepit with Copper Accents provides all of that with a an elegance to it unlike most other firepits which appear cold, heartless and unwelcoming when they are supposed to be the opposite, enticing people to rest around them and bask in the glow of the flame.

You’re be getting a well sized outdoor firepit that brings class and style back to the boring old firepits that everyone else has.

PROS: First and foremost the design of the firepit is aesthetically pleasing and maintains a much higher decadence than most other firepits that are simply just a metal drum with some legs. The marble is well suited for the heat and does not have keep the look of black steel throughout the entire piece.

The materials used are strong, durable and the firepit takes up a nice bit of space. Additionally the border around the firepit can act as a bench where you can rest your items or even place bits of food to keep warm; although be careful that it does not catch fire from a stray ember.

CONS: The UniFlame Slate & Marble Firepit with Copper Accents is very large and very heavy, making it something of a problem if you only have a small space available for installation. On top of this, there is no real additional item to the firepit that would make it a viable choice for cooking, despite having the border around it that seems perfect for using as a makeshift able for firepit cooking.

Some reviews state that the quality is contrary to what is stated and that there are some cases where the marble chips away or the steel bowl ended up rusting and corroding.


What are the important aspects of the Slate & Marble Firepit?

Fuel – No fuel source is required for the UniFlame Slate & Marble Firepit aside from the logs and kindling to get a fire started. You can purchase special brands of lumber that will produce varying results depending on your choice and can use them to create different smoky aromas from the burnt woods or veracity of fire.

His provides a benefit in the lumber, which can be used to add more of a customised feel to the firepit. If you’re not one to wait on the fire as it starts, you can purchase lighter fluid to ease the process along and he UniFlame Slate & Marble Firepit can handle it.

Size – 34 in Dia. x 21.5 in. H, it provides a large size for the firepit bowl, which takes up 22 inches in diameter. The legs help to support the large size and it will fit n most surface easily thanks to the smooth and flat feet that will prevent it from cutting up the location of which it rests.

Portability –The fireplace is designed to be used and stored in one location so portability is not really an option. Weighing at 58 pounds alone, it is not something that you would want to be taking with you as a firepit for camping trips. With that said, it is best to use multiple people move it and one location be set for its use. It may also be best to purchase a slip cover so you will not have to move it under cover during weather events/

Material – The steel construction of the overall firepit provides strength and durability as well as improvements on the actual fire itself. The high quality of the material ensures that it won’t lose its ability to retain heat over time, as well helping to contain the heat within and provide more cooking power.

The black finish is not just an aesthetic touch but also improves on retention of heat as well as eliminating signs of use, making the firepit look clean even after multiple times.

Safety – The firepit has a heavy steel grate and an easy-lifting spark arrestor, all on a wrought iron stand. This essentially means that the materials make it very durable and have provided some excellent additions to improve its safety. The spark arrestor acts as a protective screen for you against any spluttering of the fire, ensuring that stray sparks do not catch your clothes, skin or the ground.

Warranty – The UniFlame Slate & Marble Firepit with Copper Accents comes with a 1 year limited warranty, and has an easy to read owner’s manual that you get with your purchase or can find online if you happen to lose a copy of yours.

Endless Summer, WAD820SP, 34 in. Slate & Marble Firepit with Copper Accents
  • 34 in. diameter fire bowl heats up to 150 sq. ft.
  • Wood burning for convenient heating
  • Black wrought-iron stand is durable


What other things should you know about the Black Outdoor Fireplace?

The UniFlame Slate & Marble Firepit with Copper Accents is a very large firepit, but despite its size it still offers a good mix of pleasure, comfort and also size of fire. You will be able to get a nice strong flame that is not too powerful where you would feel it could catch something on fire.

It would however be to its benefit if some form of cooking equipment was provided, as the table like edging would be perfect for such a scenario. Regardless, you can still use it for the creation of small campfire snacks such as smores or melted marshmallows, meaning that not all culinary delights are off limits.


The Verdict 

Overall this firepit is a great addition to a home that wants an outdoor firepit but they want one that is both usable and also stylish. It is a great addition to the home that will use it often, as items of this nature need to be looked at and appreciated rather than used once and forgotten.

Overall the price is quite affordable for its sized and it undoubtedly offers protection, which is definitely needed around fires. Whilst it is not ideal for use in multiple locations that should not be off putting unless you really want to purchase one that you can bring with you when you leave the home.

Review of Black Outdoor Fireplace

An outdoor fireplace can do much to improve not only the temperature during the cold and not so prosperous times, but also change and invigorate the atmosphere. It is particularly useful when you want to create a specific type of mood, suitable for any occasion, be it just some leisure time on your own, spending time with family or having your friends over for a get-together.

Additionally there is a different overall feel when compared to an indoor fireplace; one that is different but also delightful.

The Brookstone Black Outdoor Fireplace, does just that, adding the comforts of the home fireplace and the freshness of the outdoors in one convenient location; your backyard.

PROS: The well thought out design of the Black Outdoor Fireplace provides you easy access to its warmth from all sides, preventing you from needing to have it placed against a wall or foundation, ensuring that more people can bask in its heat.

Additionally, the lack of a covered side helps to create a greater illumination as a result of the firm, acting as an essential component to the purpose of a fireplace. The price is also quite affordable when compared to other possible fireplaces.

CONS: Some reviews suggest that the fireplace is quite prone to rusting in certain locations (usually with higher chances of rain and adverse weather), indicating the need for constant maintenance to ensure that the fireplace is clean, and works efficiently and does not rust.

The size is somewhat small (detailed further on) but this works only as a minor con, due to the fact that it’s not necessarily going to be used as a cooking fire.


What are the important aspects of the Black Outdoor Fireplace?

Fuel –In a matter of speaking, the Black Outdoor fireplace is the simplest of fireplaces requiring no fuel whatsoever aside from the obvious logs and kindling. Specialize pieces of lumber are required to create the richest fire as well as kindling to start the small flame that will turn into a bigger one.

Alternatively you can opt to cover the logs slightly in lighter fluid to get the fire started quicker. In comparison to gas, logs provide a longer and cheaper burn that is less dangerous to the environment.

Size – 25″ W x 20.5″ D x 45″ H provides the size of the fireplace, whilst modestly small it gives you a greater chance to fit it in your outdoor living area, ensuring that a big large space is not an essential requirement for having a fireplace.

It stands easily on its own and has a well-placed chimney at the top to help control the flow of the resulting smoke. The smaller size does understandably limit the size of the fire you can have however.

Portability –This fireplace is designed to be placed in one specific location and used from that location only. You could suggest that whilst the fireplace is not portable, the smaller size makes it more available for placement in a whole variety of different locations.

This helps to improve the access for more people and is only heightened by the fact that it can provide full warmth from all sides. Although, when choosing a suitable location this makes it impossible to place it close to walls or fences, ensuring that a central location must be chosen.

Material – A copper hearth and hood as well as heavy-duty cast iron gate ensure that the fireplace won’t melt under the heat of the fire or warp or twist or provide an effective foundation for your hearty fires.

Some have suggested that the fireplace rusts quickly, however this is just indicative that they have not given it appropriate protection. After all usage it is important to clean the fireplace to prevent a buildup of ash and other materials that could accumulate with weather and cause a greater wear on the protective coating.

Safety – The fireplace is generally safe to use because of its surrounding cast iron gates and grill, ensuring that no wandering hands can be dipped into the actual flames and that all sparks and pops of embers have no escape from the cage. The solid base of the fireplace also prevents the burning ashes and embers from spilling through, preventing the possibility of fire spreading on the grass underneath.

Warranty – The Brookstone Black Outdoor Fireplace offers a one-year manufacturer’s warranty as standard however you can also purchase through the official website additional years of warranty.

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BALI OUTDOORS Firepit LP Gas Fireplace 28" Square Table 50,000BTU Fire Pit, Best Firetable, Black
  • 25" Tall x 28" Wide Square Gas Fire Pit Table Top
  • 50,000 BTU stainless steel burner Gas Fire Pit
  • Gas Fire Pit hidden control panel with electronic ignition,safety valve for easy start


What do owners think about the Black Outdoor Fireplace?

The small outdoor fireplace has a few extra features that are a welcome bonus. The has tray removes easily and slides out, providing a mess free way of cleaning out the bottom of your fireplace that doesn’t require you to open the gate and lean over with a small dust brush and pan.

For those that bring their hunger with them to the fire, a small slide out grill tray is also provided, adding the chance to cook up some excellent tasty snacks to eat next to your fire alongside some refreshments. The ability to use different fuel sources including coals and fuel logs are also an added positive to how you want to use your outdoor fireplace. It ticks all the boxes when it comes to what you want out of a fireplace and how you prepare to use it.


The Verdict 

Surprisingly there are good numbers of factors that positively reflect this outdoor fireplace that give it a lot of merit. Whilst the initial design and smaller size might be displeasing for some, it is offset but efficient design, wider warmth reach, and cheaper price when compared to some of the bigger outdoor fireplaces.

Overall it is a cheap and reliable fireplace that has a great selection of features to it that help it to compete against some of the bigger more expensive outdoor fireplaces. If you are looking for a much bigger design then this would not be suitable, however the small size and price help make it able to accommodate a bigger list of homes and will most likely be a welcome addition to your backyard.

Review of Blue Rhino LP Gas Outdoor Firebowl with Slate/Marble Mantel

Fire pits provide a beautiful glow during the evenings to your patio. It also warms up cold days and nights to make lounging outdoors more comfortable for you and your family. Consider getting a fire pit if you live in a place where there are sudden chills all-year round so you can greatly benefit with your purchase.

The Blue Rhino LP Gas Outdoor Firebowl, is the perfect addition to your backyard or patio because of its sleek look and feel. It is also capable of warming a large radius of an area, making it suitable for small outdoor gatherings.

PROS: The Slate/Marble mantel that comes with this fire pit is probably one of the reasons, if not the main reason, why you should purchase this fire pit. The mantel looks absolutely elegant and serves a lot of purpose. It can be used as a resting area for your raised feet and tabletop for drinks and food. It is wide enough so fire won’t catch anything placed on top. As for its heating properties, this fire pit is capable of reading a wide radius and is able to keep four to five persons comfortable out in a chilly night.

CONS: Expensive! If you have DIY skill and you’re confident of building your own fire pit, you’ll be able to do so with this amount. Plus, you’ll also be able to design it however you want. Although some people would much rather pay and spare them from the effort. It’s up to you.


What are the important aspects of the Blue Rhino LP Gas Outdoor Fire Bowl?

Fuel – The Blue Rhino LP Gas Outdoor Firebowl uses propane gas for fuel. It requires a 20-pound liquid propane tank to work. There is a hidden control panel at the bottom of the table that when turned on, can light up the fire pit in a mere few seconds. Propane tank is not included in the package so you’ll have to get it in a utility store. The only con for a propane-powered fire pit is that you have to constantly have it refilled or replaced.

Size – This fire pit is big and heavy at 41.3 x 41.3 x 21.7 inches and 162 pounds. It is recommended to assemble it near where it will be finally placed otherwise you’ll have trouble moving it. Two to three strong men can carry it while a lone person won’t even budge it. The heaviness is due to the material used for the mantel (made from slate/marble) and the body is made of thick, sturdy material.

Portability – Sorry, but this is not portable at all. Two strong persons can barely move it from one place to another. Constructing it where it will be placed is recommended.

Material –The rustic appearance of the body of the Blue Rhino LP Gas Outdoor Firebowl gives guests the impression that it is a wood-fueled fire without the mess of hauling wood and ashes. The tabletop is made of slate/marble mantel and the hearth is composed of a porcelain steel bowl. The handcrafted mantel looks absolutely luxurious that it can dress up any venue without problem. This would take up your patio or backyard’s centerpiece easily.

Safety – This fire pit is generally safe to use provided that all gas installations are securely fixed. The knob for turning fire on is also hidden so curious children won’t have easy access to it. The thick sturdy walls of the table protect the gas tank; you’ll have to open a door to access it. The wide mantel also protects people from accidental touches to the fire. For additional safety, have a fire extinguisher or water supply nearby.

Warranty – This fire pit comes with a one-year manufacturer’s warranty. Blue Rhino has great customer support and doesn’t take long to act.

Endless Summer, GAD860SP, LP Gas Outdoor Firebowl with Slate/Marble Mantel
  • 40,000 BTUs will heat up to 150 sq. ft.
  • Beautiful multi-colored slate and marble tile table
  • Lava rocks and logs included


What other facts should you know about the Blue Rhino LP Gas Outdoor Fire Bowl?

For the assembly, it requires at least two hours to complete and needs at least two people to work on it. One will be mainly for holding the materials and keeping it in place while the other is tasked to bolt and screw. Plan to build it as close as possible to where you are going to use it because once complete, it is difficult to move due to its heavy weight.

The package comes with an instruction manual filled with diagram. Study the drawings first before attempting to assemble. Double-check the labels of the screw and parts. Having a plier or a hammer may also be handy to bend some of the pieces a little so that the holes line up.

A black vinyl tank cover and fire pit cover is included in the package. Equip the tank cover after you have secured the tank hose; it makes the tank invisible under the tabletop. Use the fire pit cover when the unit is not operational to protect it against weather and moisture.

When lit up, the fire pit looks pretty with the additional lava rock and fire logs. You can also add fire crystals to make it more luxurious. The mantel, made of high quality stone, leaves plenty of room for drinks, plates, and bottles. Be careful though, as the mantel can warm up a bit. With 40,000 BTU cast iron burner, the fire pit provides plenty of heat and durability. In a cold night, it may be able to keep four to five people comfortably warm.


The Verdict

The Blue Rhino LP Gas Outdoor Fire Bowl, although expensive, is a good-looking centerpiece and fire pit for your patio or backyard. The heavy, sturdy material will last you years with proper care and maintenance using the fire pit cover provided.

The slate/marble design is also a great addition to the fire pit, making it appear more expensive that its original price. You can use it not only as a source of warmth during the chilly months but as a classy tabletop for your home. Get this fire pit if you are looking for something that looks great but doesn’t sacrifice function and quality.

Review of Corona Outdoor Fireplace

It is great to have an outdoor fireplace because when the cold months arrive, the patio and the backyard seems like a scary place to go to. Extend your living space by adding an outdoor fireplace that will constantly keep you warm while you relax at your little haven outdoors, close to the beauty of nature.

What better way to enjoy outdoors than to keep warm using the Corona Outdoor Fireplace? Here, we have reviewed this fireplace so you’ll know if this is exactly what you need.

PROS: At first glance you will know that one of its strongest attributes is its appearance of a classical bulb-shaped fireplace. If you draw great lengths of finding pieces that will suit your artistically themed house, then this might be the fireplace you are looking for. Not only does the Corona Outdoor Fireplace function how it should, it is also a beautiful addition to your backyard or patio, especially if you have a style or theme going on.

CONS: It might be too small for your liking. Although it is considered average-sized, there are many fireplaces out there that are bigger and can generate more heat especially for big families. This might be able to warm only up to four persons comfortably. More than that, you might need an extra source of warmth, such as a hug from a loved one.


What are the important aspects of the Corona Outdoor Fireplace?

Fuel – This fireplace uses wood or charcoal as fuel. Because of its medium, leaning to small size, you might only consume a few blocks of logs at a time. Fewer blocks mean lesser chance of generating tall heat. Nevertheless, it is capable of functioning as a good fireplace as it gets the job done easily.

Size – The fireplace stands 35 inches high and weighs 35 pounds. It is bulb-shaped body with long narrow chimney-like head. The body is supported by three thin legs joined together by a ring for maximum support. The legs, although it appears thin, are sturdy and can definitely hold the weight of the body. However, it doesn’t provide a firm handle on top of the head; you’ll only get a thin ring, which seems not enough for a fireplace this size.

Portability – The fireplace is small enough to be moved from one place to another. However, unlike other fireplaces that come with build-in wheels, the Corona Outdoor Fireplace can’t be moved while it is functioning. You can risk moving it but it is not recommended because you might injure yourself. The metal parts are very hot when in use. It is also heavy especially with burning logs inside and the top handle is thin and made of metal.

Material – The fireplace features heavy-duty cast iron construction with designer embossing and wire mesh screen. The Corona Outdoor Fireplace, created by Veranda, is considered as an artisan fireplace because of its design crafted from iron and is great for displaying in the patio or backyard for classy ambiance. The mesh screen is knotted closely to minimize the risk of flying embers or ashes but big enough so that warmth will radiate freely.

Safety – The Corona Outdoor fireplace is generally safe to use as long as you minimize moving it from one place to another because it isn’t as portable as other fireplaces. To increase safety, ensure that you the surface of the fireplace is made from sturdy brick, cement, or stone. Avoid placing it atop a wooden surface for fear of burning the wood. Don’t place it in areas near combustible materials and substances and always have a fire extinguisher or water nearby in case.

Warranty – This fireplace has a 30-day return policy when purchased through Amazon. Before or after the period has lapsed, make sure to contact the manufacturer for their warranty schemes. They should be able to cover for repairs for a specific time frame.

Deckmate Corona Outdoor Chimenea Fireplace Model 30075
  • Fireplace features heavy-duty cast iron construction with designer embossing and wire mesh screening
  • Ideal for use with firewood and artificial logs; bulb shape allows for 360 degree view of fire
  • Sliding door enables users to add fuel with ease; rain cap prevents flooding through chimney


What other facts should you know about the Corona Outdoor Fireplace?

Assembling this fireplace is easy; most of the parts come in whole pieces so you’ll get a big box. You’ll have to assemble the big pieces together using screws and bolts so you’ll have to use a few types of tools. Even if you have no prior experience with putting things such as these together, you won’t have a difficult time as it comes with an instruction manual that you can simply follow.

This fireplace comes with a sliding door that you can use to add fuel logs with ease. A log grate is also included in the package to enhance safety while cleaning or stoking the fireplace. The slender chimney is protected by a rain cup to keep the water from coming into the fireplace. For added protection the chimney is elevated by heavy-duty stands that reduce the risk of grass fires, etc.

It also comes with a steel base to support the weight and resist the heat from burning logs or charcoal briquettes and designer embossing adorns the cast-iron bowl and top, creating an artisan touch for outdoor décor.

Because of the small opening, you may have to use small logs or buy pre-split wood in order to fit them inside the fireplace. If you are looking for a fireplace that doesn’t take much space and can warm a few people around its 360-degree mesh, then Corona Outdoor may suit you.

The downside is that after using it, make sure you keep it out of the rain because the cast iron material may rust very quickly.



The Corona Outdoor Fireplace may be enough for households without too much space in their patio or backyard. If it is intended for use by a lot of family members, friends, or guests, consider getting a bigger fireplace, as this might not provide enough heat.

The size aside, this outdoor fireplace offers not only comforting warmth but it also serves as a great centerpiece at a small party or barbecue. Its classical shape and creative embossing may be a great addition to your artisan collection. When not in use, it can serve as a great decoration to your home.

Review of Landmann Ball of Fire Outdoor Fireplace

Extending living space out to your patio or backyard during the winter months may seem impossible, unless you get an outdoor fireplace that can provide comfortable heat all year round. An outdoor fireplace is relatively cheap and can last you years with great care and maintenance.

To help you decide on what to get, we have reviewed a couple, and now it’s the turn of Landmann’s Ball of Fire Outdoor Fireplace.

PROS: If you are looking for a sturdy, no fuss fireplace then the Landmann Ball of Fire will suit your taste. Although it is pricey compared to its counterparts, I guess you will be paying more for ease of functionality, ergonomic design, and durability. For someone looking for a fireplace to fill that sole purpose, get this. If you’re looking for a fireplace that can double as a centerpiece, this might not tickle your fancy. Although the round shape is pleasing to the eye, it lacks the class and style artisans look for.

CONS: If you’re thinking that you won’t have trouble putting together a big ball with three stands, think again. Users have specifically complained about its complexity; assembly can take you 30 minutes to an hour. Landmann also has the habit of not placing the complete sets of the bolts and nuts in the package, which will result to the need of taking a quick trip to the hardware store. To some, the hassle is worth it once it is up and running.


What are the important aspects of the Landmann Ball of Fire Outdoor Fireplace?

Fuel – This fireplace is fueled by wood or charcoal. It has a steel bowl fire pit made from heavy-duty materials to ensure that it will last a long time. Thin bases might be eaten by the heat of the fire overtime so pick something that looks and feels durable.

You may put sand on the bowl to avoid direct heat and burn on your steel bowl and in turn, prolong its life. It can handle both short and long wood because putting fuel of any size isn’t a problem as the fireplace opening upwards, like slicing a melon in half.

Size – The Landmann Ball of Fire is a massive round fireplace that can fit and eat away several pieces of logs. The exact dimensions are 34.75″ H x 32.75″ W x 30.25″ D, 30” in diameter and weighs 47 pounds. Due to the size and design, it offers an unobstructed 360-degree view, which looks like a big ball of fire at night, thereby entertaining and warming up guests during a nice barbecue party.

Portability – When it comes to this department, this fireplace fails a little bit because it is quite heavy and difficult to move due to its round shape. It also doesn’t have built-in wheels for moving. The Landmann Ball of Fire Outdoor Fireplace is especially designed to sit in one place while being used.

If other fireplaces can be moved while in use, this one can’t, and is quite impossible to do without risking burns. At 47 pounds, it is also quite heavy. Finalize the area where you will leave your fireplace so you won’t have to worry about moving it in the future.

Material – The fireplace is made of sturdy all-steel construction, has a 30” steel bowl that serves as the fire pit, and features a large pivoting spark screen that allows easy access to the fire. The metal mesh covering the entire area of the round fireplace offers an unobstructed view of fire, which looks great at night. It also radiates warmth on a 360-degree angle ensuring that everyone around it will get a fair share of warmth.

Safety – It is highly recommended to place the fireplace atop a concrete or stone surface and avoid wooden surface as the fireplace can greatly heat up. Also don’t forget to add sand onto the metal bowl to extend its life. Have fire extinguisher or water supply nearby in case you need it.

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Best Choice Products Large Fire Pit Bowl With Handles, Spark Screen And Poker
  • Add some Southwestern charm with this beautiful black fire pit with bronzy brass-like highlights
  • There is room for tons of wood inside the deep fire pit bowl so you can keep cozy all night long
  • With (2) carrying handles and (2) drainage holes, this fire pit is easy to transport and maintain


What other facts should you know about the Landmann Ball of Fire Outdoor Fireplace?

Although some people consider the assembly quite difficult because of the complication of the materials, some find it easy to install without the need for special tools, although it takes about 30 minutes to an hour.

Some were unfortunate to receive incomplete packages with missing bolts and nuts. These can be bought in your nearest hardware store, but it is quite hassling. The package comes with instructions on how to assemble with clear label and diagrams.

The appearance, once successfully completed and lighted, is very striking. From afar at night, it looks like a floating ball of fire even though it’s just a plain black mesh sphere during the day. You’ll be able to build a large fire that can easily warm seven to eight people because of the big diameter of the sphere that can house several pieces of logs.

You have to take good care of this fireplace, as it is not guaranteed if the mesh can withstand prolonged exposure from the changing weathers and moisture. Over time, the materials will rust and deteriorate.

Once the protective enamel is chipped off, the next thing you’ll see is rust eating away at your fireplace. To avoid this, store your fireplace somewhere dry when not in use and house it in a waterproof cover. Also don’t forget to take the ashes out after every use.

One thing missing that can be added into the fireplace is a safety rail around the edge of the bowl to give buffer between the fireplace and people in case of accidental touches.



Overall, the Landmann Ball of Fire Outdoor Fireplace is a great addition to your backyard or patio to not only warm your family or guests but to provide an additional eye-candy when lighted at night. It has a big space for more logs and has a 360-degree design for maximum heat distribution.

The round shape is also kind-of unique even though it lacks the “classy” feel artisans look for. If you’re in it for the warmth it can radiate and willing to pay a bit more, then get this fireplace.

Review of Landmann Heatwave Outdoor Fireplace

A fireplace has been a staple in homes because homeowners love the feel of having warmth brought about by the fire instead of the traditional heater when winter comes. Not to mention the want to lounge outdoors during the chilling months is made possible by an outdoor fireplace.

The Landmann Heatwave Outdoor Fireplace is one of the favorite buys of homeowners because of its function and ergonomic design.

PROS: The strongest aspect of this outdoor fireplace is its portability. You can take it anywhere you desire and it will still function, as it should. Because of its built-in wheels, you can move it around your backyard or patio without disturbing the burning fire logs. It is also considered very safe to use because of its steel screens that protect you from any flying embers.

CONS: You need to take good care of the this fireplace and invest in a cover because having it exposed under the changing weathers may easily cause the metal to rust and the protective coating to peel off. Also, if you run into troubles, you might have a hard time getting an answer from Landmann’s Customer Support as they sometimes take weeks before replying to queries.


What are the important aspects of the Landmann Heatwave Outdoor Fireplace?

Fuel – The Landmann Heatwave Outdoor Fireplace is a traditional fireplace that uses wood or charcoal as fuel. Depending on the requirements and ordinances of your area, you might not be allowed to burn wood. First you need to check the rules before you purchase this fireplace, otherwise you might be fined for using it.

Size – This fireplace is big compared to its peers. Because of that you’ll be able to build a big fire that can warm up a number of people. Of course, it all depends on how much fuel you’ll put in your fireplace. With this fireplace, you can build a fire small enough for your family, or big enough for a handful of guests. To be specific, the dimensions are 46.0 ” H x 32.0 ” W x 28.0 ” D and it weighs 38 lb.

Portability – This fireplace comes with two large wheels, which enables it to be moved around the backyard or patio while in use. This is great for when you have a small area where there is no fixed location for the fireplace.

By being able to move it, you can place it in the direction of the wind so that smoke will be blown away instead of being inhaled by guests. However, you need to be more careful on where you take your fireplace because your might accidentally place it somewhere near a combustible substance or material.

Material – It has a sturdy all-steel construction with weather-resistant enamel. It has a heat shield and bowl handle which makes moving safe, as you won’t risk your hands getting burned by moving it.

The handle is made of wood but be careful not to touch the top metal section, which is burning hot. With the cage-like cover, you’ll be able to enjoy a 360-degree view of the fire. Be careful though as the opening is also prone to spit ashes and flying embers.

Safety – You need to place your Landmann Heatwave Outdoor Fireplace on a brick, stone, or concrete surface to prevent fire hazards. Also ensure that the position of your fireplace is away from combustible materials and that there is a fire extinguisher or water supply nearby in case you need it.

The fireplace comes with a screen that protects you from the fire and can be opened for when you need to add more fuel. Generally, this fireplace is safe to operate.

Warranty – This fireplace comes with a 90-day manufacturer warranty.

SaleBestseller No. 1
Landmann USA 28051 28" Heatwave Outdoor Fireplace
  • 28 in. Porcelain fire bowl and lid
  • Sturdy base with wheels for easy movement
  • 360 Degree chrome plated Steel spark screen


What other facts should you know about the Landmann Heatwave Outdoor Fireplace?

After receipt of the unit, you’ll have to assemble it on your own. Assembly will only take about 30 minutes of your time and you will need a screwdriver and a basic pair of pliers. The box comes with an instruction manual with texts and diagrams. The instructions are easy and the diagram is well drawn that you don’t really need to read the entire thing to assemble the fireplace.

The fireplace looks heavy duty and big; it is able to accommodate full sized logs that results to a good height of fire. When lighting it, don’t forget to add sand onto the fire pit bowl because it will extend the life of the fireplace. Burning logs directly onto the metal frame might corrode the material and lessen the unit’s longevity.

When successfully lighted, it produces a great heat. The lid acts as a reflector that spreads heat in a 360-degree pattern. Also, because of the height of this fireplace, you won’t have to bend over closer to catch some heat. This unit does a good job of radiating the heat towards you. Place this fireplace atop a good surfaced brick, cement, or stone as the surface heats up a bit. Try not to place it atop a wooden surface.

The only thing that this fireplace needs to add is a wider door. The opening is too small that it gets bothersome to add fuel to the fire and stoke it. There should also be another a small opening for stoking the fire and adjust the arrangement of burning logs without having to completely lift the door. Although it is an inconvenience, it’s not a deal killer. You also need to at least have a cover when storing it because although the metal is coated with waterproof enamels, in the long run it is prone to getting chipped.



The Landmann Heatwave Outdoor Fireplace is a good buy for its price. It’s a big product that is able to radiate heat in a 360-degree manner so everyone huddled around it will have his or her share of the warmth. It is also really sturdy and assembly isn’t rocket science, which makes it a great fireplace for households big or small.

The only complaint this fireplace gets is the lack of responsive customer assistance. You really need to extend your patience, as you won’t be getting an answer to your query right away.

Review of UniFlame LP Gas Outdoor Fire Bowl

Having an outdoor fire pit not only warms you up during cold weathers, but you are extending living space outdoors, providing you with more spots to relax with family and friends while keeping warm. Outdoor fire pits also provide a nice centerpiece in your patio or backyard, giving your home a nice vibe.

The UniFlame LP Gas Outdoor Fire Bowl, is the perfect accessory to your home because of its stylish design and ability to keep your favorite area warm.

PROS: The faux stone hearth that comes with it is truly mesmerizing that it can not only light and warm an area; it also acts as a great centerpiece. Family members and guests alike would love to gather around this fireplace because of its nice sleek look and feel that resembles a built-in fireplace. The bottom part of the stacked stone base conceals a propane tank for easier access.

CONS: This fire pit created by Blue Rhino is utterly expensive. You can get a fire pit that looks good and functions the same thing for $200 below. If you are looking for a fire pit that warms and not necessarily looks like the fire pit of the queen, there are ones that go as low as below $100. For the price of this outdoor fire bowl, you can have your own fire pit constructed with the freedom to design it however you want.


What are the important aspects of the UniFlame LP Gas Outdoor Fire Bowl?

Fuel – This fire pit runs using propane gas tanks, which can be a little bit costly especially if you use it quite a lot. This is because every time your tanks runs out, you need to take it to your gas provider to have it refilled or you might need to purchase a new gas tank.

A natural gas will save you a lot more because it will be connected to your existing gas line. However, because it is propane-powered, you can light up your fire bowl almost instantly unlike burning firewood.

Size – The UniFlame LP Gas outdoor Fire Bowl is medium sized and be placed in gardens and patios. It can stand on its own because of its upright cabinet-style. It has measures 36″ x 24.5″ x 5″ and weighs a whopping 85.1 pounds. You’ll definitely need help in installation and movement because it is quite heavy.

Portability – As previously mentioned, this outdoor fire pit is heavy, weighing over 80 pounds. It also doesn’t come with built-in wheels for moving so it isn’t considered as portable. You’ll need help with moving this, as it needs to be lifted. It is also not recommended to be moved while operational because of burn and gas leakage risks. This fire pit needs to be handled with utmost care.

Material – A pro for having heavy materials, this fire bowl is very sturdy and won’t budge easily. The body is accented with a simulated stacked stone base cabinet that conceals a propane tank and control panel. The stacked stones would look good with a patio designed the same way and it could easily blend with your backyard inspired with stone accents.

It also has a top ledge that is wide enough to put your feet up for a more relaxing lounge. The gas burner is made of good quality stainless steel that won’t rust with proper care.

Safety – This fire pit is generally safe to use because it comes with a concealed control panel that is not accessible to youngsters. The space allowance on the table and the hearth is also substantial that people warming up close to it won’t easily get accidental touches to the fire.

Warranty – The UniFlame LP Gas Outdoor Fire Bowl comes with a one-year manufacturer’s warranty.

SaleBestseller No. 1
Endless Summer, GLT1343SP, LP Gas Outdoor Table Top Fireplace
  • 10,000 BTU stainless steel burner
  • Hidden control panel with electronic ignition
  • Slate finish with faux stone construction


What other facts should you know about the UniFlame LP Gas Outdoor Fire Bowl?

Assembly is quite complex but not very difficult. A single person can finish it in less than an hour. Others however, took a bit longer than that and said that they required at least two persons to complete. It comes in one piece and installation will be mainly for the propane gas, burner, and electric ignition.

Once installed, the fire pit is easy to light and comes with lava rocks that make the fire look more natural. Users recommend replacing the rocks with fire glass to match the body’s elegant appearance. The finish definitely looks luxurious when well placed in a stylish deck or patio. Some guests might even perceive the product to be made of real stone!

The downside, aside from it being very heavy and almost impossible to move unless you really have to, is the lack of cover for the burner or fire pit area in the event that you decided to use the entire space as a table. At the very least, this fire pit comes with a sturdy all-weather cover so you don’t have to purchase additional fire pit covers. This is perfect for when the fire pit is not in use to extend its life.

The UniFlame LP Gas Outdoor Fire Bowl is capable of warming up on a 360-degree angle. However, the flame may not be as big or as high as desired. Once you have turned the knob into maximum, there’s no way to make the fire bigger to accommodate more people. This may be enough to keep about three to four people comfortably warm.


The Verdict

The UniFlame LP Gas Outdoor Fire Bowl is a good purchase if you’re looking for a no-fuss, easily assembled piece that not only warms but also doubles as an elegant centerpiece.

Although deemed expensive, it saves you the time and effort of constructing your own while buying lower-priced ones won’t look as classic as what UniFlame offers. The finish of the table doesn’t look like cheap knock-off stone and the burner is made from high quality stainless steel.

The package also comes with a durable fire pit cover to protect it from the changing weathers and moisture when not in use. Overall, this is a good purchase if you have the budget to spare. Otherwise, go for a cheaper kind especially if you’re only looking for something that provides warmth.

Review of Landmann USA Ball of Fire Outdoor Fireplace

Having a fire pit to warm you up during cold nights will make any outdoor party or gathering much better. It would be fun to stay close, huddled up together in front of the blazing warmth with your friends and loved ones while chatting and reminiscing. It also puts everybody in a great ambiance and mood, not to mention, it makes everyone feel comfortable.

Having all these is easily achievable through a fire pit that definitely improves the surroundings not only because of the warmth but also because of the glowing beauty it could create. For this do check out Landmann USA Ball of Fire Outdoor Fireplace.

PROS: The Landmann Ball of Fire is such a beauty when lighted up at night. As its name suggests, it really looks like a big ball of floating fire, which makes the ambiance much more fun and exciting to your guests. With this, cold nights are no longer a problem, and you’d wish time would slow down so you can have more time to take it all in. Because the entire ball is made of metal mesh, everyone around it can get his or her share of warmth.

CONS: This ball of steel requires high maintenance as most customers have put it because the metal isn’t stainless steel, meaning it will rust as soon as it can if you don’t take good proper care with it.

Although it is intended for outdoor use, don’t leave it there all day and night, all year round. The harsh weathers will suck the youth out of your fireplace, causing the metal to turn into brittle rust. Another con is the difficulty of putting this together. It is heavy and you need more hands to prop it.


What are the important aspects of the Landmann USA Ball of Fire Outdoor Fireplace?

Fuel: This fire pit is fueled by cheapest and most natural fuel there is – wood or charcoal. This is great because it can really fire up as big as you want to warm up more people if needed. Just add a few more blocks of wood into the fire and you’ll surely have a big one. Be careful not to overfeed the fire, you don’t want it to go beyond the round fire pit for safety reasons.

With the large round size of the Landmann Ball of Fire, you won’t have to worry if you’ll be able to produce sufficient fire and heat. It is recommended to place sand on the fire bowl provided at the bottom of this round fireplace to reduce the beating it takes from the fire.

Size: This fire pit is surprisingly big. Although it looks smaller in the pictures, it’s definitely chunkier in person. It can warm up a dozen of your guests without problem because of its 360-degree unobstructed view of the fire.

It has a large pivoting door with large handle for easy refueling. It is recommended to set up the logs in teepee style with a bit of gap between the logs to let the coal feel the oxygen so that the logs light up faster. Be careful in refueling, even if it features a large handle, it can easily heat up.

Portability: This product is quite large so portability is a concern especially if it’s lighted. Unlike other fire pits that can be moved from one place to another without risks of getting burns, this one should not be moved when the fire’s going. This is because there’s no provision for handles on the side for lifting it up safely. The metal is made of mesh so the heat radiates quite freely.

If you wish to move it, you’ll need the help of another person. Although you can bear-hug the round fire pit, it’s difficult. Unless you have Hulk Hogan’s body screaming of muscles, don’t try.

Material: This fire bowl has sturdy mesh steel construction measured at 30-inch-diameter. It’s an all-metal construction and has sturdy and thick metal feet. As previously mentioned, this isn’t made of stainless still; instead it is of coated black metal that is prone to get rusty if left exposed to the changing weathers outdoors.

To protect it, you can store it indoors when not in use or cover it with a weatherproof fire pit cover. The pan located inside the bowl used to place the firewood is also made of metal so make sure to clean it after every use to prolong its life.

Bestseller No. 1
Best Choice Products Large Fire Pit Bowl With Handles, Spark Screen And Poker
  • Add some Southwestern charm with this beautiful black fire pit with bronzy brass-like highlights
  • There is room for tons of wood inside the deep fire pit bowl so you can keep cozy all night long
  • With (2) carrying handles and (2) drainage holes, this fire pit is easy to transport and maintain


What other things should you know about the Landmann USA Ball of Fire Outdoor Fireplace?

Despite all the nice things about this fireplace, some unlucky customers experienced a number of cons that doesn’t have anything to do with the fireplace’s performance. One major complaint is the poor quality control of the company.

Many customers received packages that lack important parts of the fireplace such as missing hex nuts and bolts, poker, and even the assembly instructions (it’s quite difficult to assemble so you would definitely need the manual).

Some also received broken packaging, damaged parts, and misaligned components. Customer service varies; some owners talked to helpful agents while some weren’t very helpful and are passive. Once you get all the parts and components complete, you need to find another person to help you with the assembly because the parts are heavy and big.

You also need to always clean it after every use. You may want to dump the ash with water first and then dry the pan before putting it back inside the fireplace.


The Verdict

This product is definitely a must-have if you live in a relatively cold area and want to have occasional evening parties/gatherings. With proper care and maintenance your Landmann USA Ball of Fire Outdoor Fireplace will last you years of good use.

Although some people complained about how the materials rusted so fast, you can avoid this by not neglecting your fire pit, leaving it outside under the changing weathers all the time.  Although intended for outdoors, you should consider storing it in your garage or at least covering it with a waterproof material. At the price you’ll have to shed for this, you’ll want it to last for as long as it takes.

Review of the Landmann Big Sky Stars and Moons Firepit

Outdoor fireplaces are an excellent way of improving home sociability with the added freshness of being outside of the stuffy cramped home. Ideal for bigger back yards, the warm flame can be a great way to heat up in the cold nights as well as camp around and share a drink with family or friends, providing a central location for heat and the starting point for fun and laughter. It can even be used to cook food, so there will not be an empty stomach around the firepit when you’re all taking it easy and relaxing.

The Landmann Big Sky Stars and Moons Firepit, not only provides a well sized pit but also a little bit of personality with its fashionable design and also overall ease of use.

PROS: The large sized fire pit has enough space that makes it a viable firepit for cooking, with a cooking grate included and also added protection with the spark screen and firepit poker. Additionally the materials used ensure that the durability will not wear down and the black finish prevents dirty and stains from showing. Despite the large size it also has a safety ring that make it relatively easy to transport and the pattern design around the outside give it an individual touch of flair.

CONS: Some reviews suggest that the legs of the firepit are hollow and sharp tipped at the bottom, making them a slight hazard if you intend to use the firepit on a deck or surface that is not appropriate to handle the pointing prongs. Others have also stated that the heat resistant paint has started to show signs of cracking and peeling after the first few months and that rust spots are beginning to show on the outer rim.


What are the important aspects of the Black Outdoor Fireplace?

Fuel – No fuel source is required for the Landmann Firepit aside from the obvious logs and kindling to get it started. You can however purchase special brands of lumber that will produce varying results depending on your choice.

One of the benefits of a lumber fire pit is that it can be customized according to the firewood, were you can get a nice smoky smell that can be used in the cooking process or ones that will keep the fire going for longer than usual. As always you can apply lighter fluid to prolong the fire if you wish to do so, as the Landmann firepit will not be negatively affected by it.

Size – 29.5″ x 29.5″ x 23″ H provides an excellent size for a fieplace, that is not too difficult to move about as a result of its dimensions or weight. The legs offer ample support and enough space to allow for bigger more vicious fires to take their place.

Portability –This fireplace is large and somewhat cumbersome and whilst most cases would see one of this size confined to a single location, there is still the availability of movement. The design of this fire pit offers a safety ring that allows for easy movement, letting you decide where you want to place it.

It is appropriate for any surface, so you can decide if you want it on decking, grass or concrete. It should be noted that when moving it, it’s not wise to drag so you will need to lift it up entirely.

Material – The steel construction of the overall firepit provides strength and durability as well as improvements on the actual fire itself. The high quality of the material ensures that it won’t lose its ability to retain heat over time, as well helping to contain the heat within and provide more cooking power.

The black finish is not just an aesthetic touch but also improves on retention of heat as well as eliminating signs of use, making the firepit look clean even after multiple times.

Safety – The material used in the fireplace acts as a container of the fire and works efficiently well, preventing excess fire from escaping and the heat lowering. On top of that, the offer of a spark grate will prevent sparks and embers from flying out and hitting people sitting around the fire, a definitive feature improving on overall safety.

Warranty – Disappointingly The Landmann Big Sky Stars and Moons Firepit does not offer any form of warranty nor does the company indicate any warranty available. You can however claim warranty through Amazon, if there are issues at all.

Landmann 28345 Big Sky Stars and Moons Firepit, Black
  • Big sky firepit with stars and moons design cutouts and black finish
  • Sturdy steel construction with black finish
  • Includes cooking grate and spark screen with poker


What other things should you know about the Black Outdoor Fireplace?

The relatively large outdoor firepit has a lot of great features that give it more merit and strength against other firepits without the same features. It is also described as a great firepit to take with you when you camping because of its ease of use and relatively light size at 35 lbs.

The carry handles are also placed to minimise your contact with heat although it is best not to attempt to move it until the fire has been put out and the firepit has cooled down. It is very easy to assemble, according to customer reviews, emphasising that is suitable firepit for any sort of occasion.

The addition of cooking ability further adds to its camping attributes to ensure that nobody will have a chance to go hungry. The firepit also comes with its own fire poker to sweeten the deal a little bit further.


The Verdict 

Despite the somewhat superfluous design cut-outs in the firepit, there is still a lot of merit to the overall features and use of this firepit. It is entirely understandable to not choose it simply because of the design features, but on a “How it operates” scale it ticks all the boxes.

Overall it is a very affordable price for a firepit of this size and the extras such as the fire poker, cooking grill and the spark screen all add more to the potential for use. That coupled with extensive customer praises add fuel to the fire of its popularity. Regardless of your intended use, you can be assured that it can get the job done for multiple scenarios such as camping, small backyard cookouts or even larger get together.